BVSAR Welcomes 16 Trainees

BVSAR adds new members to the group about every 18 to 24 months. The Ground Search and Rescue (GSAR) course teaches incident command structure, basic survival skills, navigation, and patient packaging and transportation.

Equipment Fundraising Goal Met

Thanks to the support of the community, BVSAR has reached the $5000 fundraising goal to replace essential equipment. BVSAR appreciates the support from our community and look forward to restoring our ability to rely on our essential gear and continue our commitment to servicing the communities of the Bulkley Valley and beyond.

Equipment Stolen From BVSAR Hall

BVSAR suffered a big hit to its electronics equipment when its offices were broken into and robbed in April. Taken were numerous GPS tracking devices, iPads (mapping and tracking), charging stations, and a heavy-duty rope rescue backpack.

BVSAR Covid-19 Protocols

BVSAR has implemented safety practices to protect our community and membership from the effects of COVID-19. We wish to extend our appreciation to those who continue providing essential services to our communities.