10 Rules of Rope Care

Rescuers’ lives depend upon the integrity of the rescue rope. Proper rope management practices are critically important. Learn the best practices for protecting rope from dirt, abrasion, moisture, kinks, chemicals and UV radiation here.

4 Water Safety Tips for Spring

Spring is in the air: the birds are singing; the snow and ice are melting; and our attention has turned to the recreational opportunities of the rivers, creeks, and lakes. Here are four tips to help you stay safe when recreating around rivers, creeks, and lakes.

BVSAR Covid-19 Protocols

BVSAR has implemented safety practices to protect our community and membership from the effects of COVID-19. We wish to extend our appreciation to those who continue providing essential services to our communities.

Staying Safe in the Shoulder Season

From unpredictable weather, to thinning lake ice and raging rivers (not to mention bears awakening from winter slumber), spring is at once exciting and worthy of respect. Here are a few things to watch for when recreating outdoors this year.

24 Hour Pack Inventory

Whenever a person participates in a wilderness search, he or she should be prepared to be self‐sufficient for at least 24 hours, regardless of conditions. To ensure the ability to respond to a call quickly, GSAR team members should keep a pack ready and loaded.

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