BVSAR Covid-19 Protocols

Bulkley Valley SAR has taken an aggressive approach to implement safety practices to help protect our community and membership from the effects of this pandemic. This has been a taxing year for many people, and we wish to extend our appreciation for all people who have worked tirelessly through these times to continue providing essential services to our communities.

Some of the measures that our team has taken are:

  • Issuing PPE kits to our members, comprised of medical gloves, masks, (N95, surgical, and cloth masks), mini hand sanitizer bottles

  • Documenting the procedures for safe operations

  • Communicating with our Health and Safety board

  • Pre-screening our members before task operations

  • Adjusting our cleaning procedures for our equipment


One of the biggest challenges we’ve been facing is the reduction of face-to-face training. For a fair bit of our practices, we have utilized web services to collaborate and learn. Under considerable scrutiny, we can allow in-person training, but only when approved by our operations committee.

We thank every one of our volunteers who has gone above and beyond to continue our services and respond to emergencies.


For more information on COVID-19, please visit Government of BC.

For more information on COVID-19 and Search and Rescue, visits BCSARA.